Dec 24, 2010

twinkle twinkle

Dreamy days. Soft and warm, tucked in a blanket with a cup of tea. With omnipresent smell of cinnamon, Woody Allen and his New Orleans jazz band are playing in my ears. Spicy:) Winter always puts a smile on my face. Looks like it'll be a lovely dream tonight ;)

pattern by Abigail Brown
shiver earrings
garden of stone earring
lovable! earring
daydream in blue - brooch, sold

Dec 23, 2010

winter notes

clouds necklace
bird feathers ring

sunny afternoon earrings

freeze! brooch

green oasis ring
snowflakes earrings

snowflakes #2 earrings

snowman earring
snowman #2 earring

penguin earrings

Nine Inch Nails - La Mer

fresh start!

since I never knew how to write introduction, i'll be short on my first post :

this blog is dedicated to Marinush jewelry and everything that inspires me in some moments, my thoughts, ideas, emotions...i'm inviting you to join me in creating colourful space, so feel free to share your ideas, ask any questions, purchase Marinush uniques, or just say hi ;)

I will be posting new stuff soon, and also, you'll be able to purchase Marinush jewelry online ;)
...and thanks for stopping by!
♥ Marinush!


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